Steam on QubesOS (Debian 12 Bookworm)

Just wanted to play ThreatGen Red vs Blue and figured I’d update my template, so here goes:

In dom0:

sudo qvm-template install debian-12

In Qube Manager clone the debian-12 to a “debian-12-Steam” template and give it plenty of storage and memory:

Initial memory 4000MB
Max Memory 16000MB
System storage max size: 50GB (depending on what games you play)

Install steam in this qubes following the guide here: /

Start steam for the first time in the template to finish the install.

Create AppVM Qube with enough memory and disk also:

Then run steam and the background is completely white and you have to move the mouse up in the left corner of the white area and select settings:

Then move down and select “interface” and deselect everything regarding graphics acceleration:

That’s it. Install ThreatGen :

If you want to install the game in the template, don’t install it here, but there 🙂