#deletefacebook is step 1 in privacy

Please #deletefacebook

If this story has any meaning to you, a deletion of your facebook profile is the way to go. You an download your data for a preview and to get shocked or comforted, and the link to salvation is here .

My old deacivated facebook was 18mb, including 2 videos of approximately 9,8MB, so not a big deal. But some private conversations, was there, of course.

And now off to instagram, twitter, etc. Off the grid it is the only way to go, unless we have other PAID services to use, so WE are not the product. This breach of confidence is a bit too much.

And if people talk about BigBrother, and are angry about their government  watching them, but freely gives everything they do to Google, youtube, facebook et al, ignore them.  They must be stupid.